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Introduction To A Sustainable Procurement Strategy

Delve into the complexities and risks of global supply chains, navigate international regulations, and master the art of risk mapping within your procurement processes. You will explore diverse methods and tools that redefine procurement practices. Join us in shaping a new era of sustainable supply chains, where collaboration and mindful practices drive positive impacts on businesses and the planet. Enroll now to revolutionize your approach to procurement.


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3 hours 7 modules, 20 min each

Program Fee

AED 2,250

Learn at your own pace

Course Objectives

  • Understand global value chain complexities and risks
  • Familiarize yourself with vital international regulations for navigating sustainability risks
  • Learn effective risk mapping within your supply chains
  • Develop supplier assessment skills, implement KPIs, and master monitoring, controls, and data reporting.


of companies lack a business case for sustainable supply chains.

Source: EY report 2022


Say companies should be transparent about social impact. 

Source: EY 2022

Our satisfied customers
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To bring my vision of revolutionizing purchasing in the service sector, I committed myself to gaining knowledge and decided to enroll in the Managing Corporate Sustainability Course . This decision marked a significant milestone in my personal and professional journey. And now, I help organizations to source responsible service providers through my own Impact Assessment tool.
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What You Will Gain

  • Assessing risks and mapping in supply chains
  • Understanding international regulations and standards in the supply chain
  • Implementing supply chain due diligence
  • Embracing eco-design, life cycle analysis, and a circular value chain
  • Utilizing tools for fostering supplier collaboration.

Who Is This Programme For?

All employees willing to learn about sustainable procurement

People involved in sustainability related initiatives

Sustainability Champions / Task Force within organisations

What you will learn

Understanding the complexities and risks of the value chain as a result of globalization along with a discussion on major risks, and historical examples of supply chain failures.

Familiarizing yourself with international regulations and standards relevant to mitigating sustainability risks in supply chains.

How to conduct risk mapping within your supply chains to understand the pertinence and seriousness of risks.

Distinguishing various methods of evaluating suppliers, implementing KPIs and understanding how to follow up on controls and data reporting with procurement tools.

An overview of a host of ways to practice procurement including ecodesign, life cycle assessment, circular value chain and using social and environmental criteria and labels to improve overall sustainability performance.

Exploring new tools to build supplier collaboration along the value chain and laying out the impacts on mindset, day-to-day activities, processes, and monitoring when transitioning to sustainable procurement

What you earn


We offer a maximum of 3 months’ access to the course on our platform to provide you with ample time for completion. We recommend planning dedicated weekly time to efficiently complete the course.

Approximately 3 hours, but keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and your actual time commitment may depend on your prior knowledge, learning pace, and engagement with the material. It’s essential to plan your study schedule accordingly to ensure successful completion.
We offer supplementary learning materials, allowing you the flexibility to concentrate solely on the content of each module. Links to videos, articles, and book recommendations can be explored after completing the course.
This course is designed to offer you foundational knowledge, so you won’t become an expert after a 3-hour course. It will provide you with a comprehensive overview to help you delve deeper into the subject. We recommend considering our advanced courses for further learning.
We provide additional resources at the end of each module to help you delve deeper into the subject matter, including links to supplementary materials such as scientific articles, expert videos, reports, and more. We also offer a glossary to help you navigate through various acronyms and concepts.

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