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Managing a Sustainable Procurement Strategy

Designed for buyers in general and, in particular, advocates of ‘Sustainable Procurement,’ this online course offers a comprehensive overview of sustainability issues in procurement and sourcing. By completing this course, you will master the principles of Sustainable Procurement strategy and gain the skills and tools required to integrate sustainability into supply chains, effectively manage social and environmental risks with your suppliers, improve the ‘sustainable’ performance of referenced products and services, and help facilitate this transformation within your procurement teams and with your suppliers.


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30 hours

Program Fee

AED 8,900

Learn at your own pace

Course Objectives

  • Identify the risks associated with the traditional supply chain system.
  • Understand the complexities of a sustainable supply chain model.
  • Explore the tools used to implement sustainable change in procurement.
  • Identify the risks and opportunities associated with sustainable procurement.


of companies lack a business case for sustainable supply chains.

Source: EY report 2022


Say companies should be transparent about social impact. 

Source: EY 2022

Our satisfied customers
speak for themselves

I gained a deep understanding of sustainability principles but also practical insights that directly contributed to shift to this exciting and impactful field.


Program Coordinator

The online courses have profoundly enhanced my comprehension of climate issues and the essential trajectory for companies to achieve sustainability.


Global Talent and D&I Manager

Thanks to the course, I help organizations to source responsible service providers through my own Impact Assessment tool.
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Founder & CEO

What You Will Gain: Strategic Skills

  • Regulations and international standards related to supply chain risks
  • Understanding the complexity of the supply chain system
  • Carbon footprint of supply chains
  • Sustainable procurement strategy
  • Mapping and managing supply chain CSR risks
  • Sustainability criteria for each stage of the supplier journey
  • Life cycle assessment and eco-design - Circular economy
  • Levers and opportunities for sustainable supply chains
  • Collaboration with suppliers
  • Marketing opportunities in procurement

What You Will Gain: Operational Skills

  • Aligning with ISO 20400 standard
  • Managing off-site and on-site supplier assessments
  • Creating a procurement risk mapping
  • Defining criteria for suppliers
  • Establishing a due diligence plan
  • Implementing LifeCycle Analysis (LCA) and carbon footprint in the supply chain

Who Is This Programme For?

Procurement Managers - Buyers

Supplier Chain Managers & Directors

Chief Sustainability Officer & CSR Managers

What you will learn

Supply chains are bigger and more complex than ever before. This lesson will answer the following questions: How did we get here? What are the implications for companies and sustainable development?

Module 1: Introduction to the course 

Module 2: A New Era of Supply Chain 

Module 3: Sustainable Development is Reshaping Supply Chains 

Module 4: The World of Legal Requirements – international regulations & standards 

Module 5: Application Case – Calculating the Carbon Footprint of the Supply Chain

Procurement plays a crucial role in managing, engaging in and monitoring sustainability throughout a supply chain. You will understand in this lesson the connections between procurement teams and corporate sustainability. 

Module 1: Procurement Within a Sustainable Business Model 

Module 2: How to Implement Sustainable Procurement 

Module 3: The Impact on Procurement Teams 

Module 4: Benefits of a Sustainable Procurement Strategy 

Module 5: Application Case – Interactive module on the ISO 20400 guidelines

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify the risks within your supply chain and then how to manage them through plans, tools, and evaluations.

Module 1: Mapping the Risks 

Module 2: Assessing Suppliers Onsite and Offsite 

Module 3: Monitoring and Reporting 

Module 4: Digging into the Toolbox – Overview of additional procurement tools 

Module 5: Application Case – Interactive module on procurement risk mapping

It’s not just enough to manage risks. To keep up with the fast-moving world of sustainability, companies might find success in implementing processes, tools and relationships that help to improve performance beyond risk management.

Module 1: Eco-Designing Throughout the Whole Supply Chain 

Module 2: Setting Sustainability Criteria 

Module 3: Traveling Across New Tools and Models 

Module 4: Moving Towards Cooperation in the Value Chain 

Module 5: Application case – Interactive module to understand where the impacts of industry sit in the value chain


Sustainable procurement is not just a one time practice. It requires building a path to continual progress, which involves a level of change management worth a whole lesson in our course.

Module 1: Shaping Procurement in 2030 

Module 2: Procurement and Marketing 

Module 3: Technology and models 

Module 4: A deep dive into four business cases of sustainable procurement journeys 

Module 5: Application Case – Full interactive business case

What You Earn


We offer a maximum of 6 months’ access to the course on our platform to provide you with ample time for completion. We recommend planning dedicated weekly time to efficiently complete the course.

If you’re not sure whether this course is right for you or not, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 call with an advisor for personalized guidance. We will help you assess whether the course aligns with your goals and provide more information about its content.

30 hours over 4 months, but keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and your actual time commitment may depend on your prior knowledge, learning pace, and engagement with the material. It’s essential to plan your study schedule accordingly to ensure successful completion.

We offer supplementary learning materials, allowing you the flexibility to concentrate solely on the content of each module. Links to videos, articles, and book recommendations can be explored after completing the course.

This course is designed to provide you with a set of practical skills that will enable you to anticipate and implement sustainable transformation within an organization. You will have the opportunity to complete numerous exercises and practical cases that will allow you to project yourself into real-world professional situations. 

Yes! Our online courses are primarily done asynchronously, and the content is organized into 20-minute modules, allowing you to absorb essential information in a limited amount of time. 

No! Autonomy doesn’t mean solitude, and there are plenty of opportunities for interaction during your learning journey: directly with our support team, among fellow learners in the training through the ‘comments’ section, or through a coaching session with our founder. 

No! Autonomy doesn’t mean solitude, and there are plenty of opportunities for int

We provide additional resources at the end of each module to help you delve deeper into the subject matter, including links to supplementary materials such as scientific articles, expert videos, reports, and more. We also offer a glossary to help you navigate through various acronyms and concepts. 

eraction during your learning journey: directly with our support team, among fellow learners in the training through the ‘comments’ section, or through a coaching session with our founder. 

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