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Introduction to Corporate Sustainability

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This online course introduces the major sustainable development challenges that businesses face and their implications for their operations, organizations, and various roles. Designed for all levels, the training emphasizes interactive learning, offering various formats such as text, animated diagrams, videos, and is supported by numerous illustrations and real-life business cases. Quizzes are included to assess the understanding of the concepts discussed.

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3 Hrs, 7 Modules, 20 Min Each


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Course Objectives

  • Acquire the knowledge to become a contributor of your company's sustainability strategy.
  • Get the tools to begin your sustainability journey in your company.
  • Develop the mindset to influence and drive change in your organization.


of CEOs now unequivocally feel it is their role to make their business more sustainable

Source: Accenture


of survey respondents have made a carbon-neutral commitment or are working towards one
Source: PwC Middle East 2023

Our satisfied customers speak for themselves

The online courses have been essential for my new endeavor, demanding fundamental skills and tools crucial to the fields of CSR consulting and sustainable development. They excel in both content—providing rich, comprehensive, and up-to-date knowledge and skills—and in structure, employing dynamic and ergonomic pedagogical methods.


CSR & Innovation Director

What You Will Gain: Strategic Skills

  • Planetary boundaries
  • Positive and negative externalities
  • Stakeholder dialogue
  • Regulatory overview of sustainability
  • Foundations of a sustainable business model

What You Will Gain: Operational Skills

  • Sustainable performance indicators
  • Integration of sustainability into core business functions
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint
  • Fundamentals of a CSR strategy

Who is this programme for?

People with no sustainability background eager to learn.

People involved in sustainability related initiatives

Sustainability Champions / Task Force within organisations

What you will learn?

This module provides an overview of the current planetary, social, and societal challenges.

Skills developed: Planetary boundaries, biodiversity, global social challenges, supply chain issues

The world is confronted with risks that necessitate the adoption of novel business approaches and economic systems.

Skills Developed: Consumption practices, sustainable economies, renewable energy, circularity, technologies, SDGs, Paris Agreement.

Changing perspectives on the nature of business suggest a move towards generating shared value for all stakeholders.

Skills Developed: Stakeholders, positive and negative externalities, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vs Corporate Sustainability and shared value.

The sustainability strategy is not limited to the executives or the sustainability/CSR department of a company; the involvement of every business function is imperative for its success.

Skills Developed: Role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), governance, mission/purpose and sustainable business model.

Discover the contribution of different business functions to a company’s sustainability by exploring it here.

Skills Developed: Responsible human resource management, sustainable offer portfolio management, eco-design, supplier ratings, due diligence and sustainable marketing.

Contemporary global risks encompass more than just financial considerations, which entails that the evaluation and measurement of a company’s progress must extend beyond financial metrics.

Skills Developed: extra-financial measures, ESG, EP&L, carbon pricing, SBTS and carbon offsets.

Everyone has a role to play within a company on its journey towards sustainability. Conclude this course with tools, frameworks, and resources that you can use to take immediate action.

Skills Developed: Sustainability & business performance.

What you earn

Provided in Partnership with EcoLearn.


We offer a maximum of 3 months’ access to the course on our platform to provide you with ample time for completion. We recommend planning dedicated weekly time to efficiently complete the course.

Approximately 3 hours, but keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and your actual time commitment may depend on your prior knowledge, learning pace, and engagement with the material. It’s essential to plan your study schedule accordingly to ensure successful completion.
We offer supplementary learning materials, allowing you the flexibility to concentrate solely on the content of each module. Links to videos, articles, and book recommendations can be explored after completing the course.
This course is designed to offer you foundational knowledge, so you won’t become an expert after a 3-hour course. It will provide you with a comprehensive overview to help you delve deeper into the subject. We recommend considering our advanced courses for further learning.
We provide additional resources at the end of each module to help you delve deeper into the subject matter, including links to supplementary materials such as scientific articles, expert videos, reports, and more. We also offer a glossary to help you navigate through various acronyms and concepts.

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